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Jul 30, 2018
BCMD Clone Pilot Jeremy


14 1/5


What Times Can you be active?:
I can usually hop on around 2 - 4 then maybe 7-10 but sometimes 5-8 pm. (but not on the weekend's as im not even here)

Mic (Y/N):

List 11 ULX Commands and What They Do:
* ULX gag: Disables the players microphone in-game. (idk the chat cmd)
* ULX gimp: Does the same thing as gag but for chat (idk the chat cmd)
* !ban (player) (time) (reason)
* !kick (player) (time) (reason)
* !goto (player)
* !bring (player)
* !freeze (player) you can also put time but i use (!freeze *) if im looking at them
* !jail (player) (time)
* !ragdoll (person)
* !warn (person) (reason)
* !cloak (person)
* !god (person)
* !send (person) [to] (person)

Total Time On Server As Of Application:
I dont know but its more than 24 hours i think. Was 23 hours when server went down if i remember.

Previous Experience (With Contact If You Can):
Haven't been a admin in atleast 3 years but the last position i had was head admin on a new server that lasted all of 4 weeks ;-;

Why You Would Be A Good Team Member:
I have been on the server long enough to know when to either, let off with a warning, or be harsh. I also can provide assistance to users pretty consistently as im
usually willing to drop whatever im doing if i can to help them.

What is RDM:
Random Death Match

What is FailRP:
Its when you break the roleplay or immersion in a situation like a hostage situation or say a admiral is being held captive but said your gay over discord so you dont save him. The best way i can describe it in short is making sure irl and the rp are seperate
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