Night's Second GameMaster Application


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Jul 23, 2018
In-game Name: CT PVT 1346 Night
Timezone: MST
Steam ID:STEAM_1:1:109854667
Steam Profile: DeathShark
Give an event idea and how you would do it: Event Idea: There is a republic cruiser in the distant and we hear a distress call we send a couple troopers over and check it out. They come back with 2 or 4 (regiment) troopers. We take the troops to the med bay. their they are reveled to be Bounty hunters hired by Count Dooko to find the jedi hidden on a ship. The bounty hunters realized that the jedi was not here and they report in to the CIS. At this moment a ship of droids arrived. The ship is being fired upon and droids are entering through the hangars. as the troops fend off the droid. The bounty hunters make their way to the top of the ship and disable the sheilds, at this moment a CIS ship destroys the ships engines leading into defcon 1 and the troopers make a force landing on to kashyyk. while on kashyyk they are forced to fend off the droids. while that is going on the fleet members who are still alive make a distress call to nearby republic ships after count dooku learns of this he comes to kashyyk himself. but he is forced to leave because he droid army falls to the Clones that came to aid the distressed clones. How event works: The secret Bounty hunters have the name of unknown trooper and health of about 4000 or 5000 and normal trooper weapons. as eveyone is focused on the new arrives I will shut every hangar and will make CIS ships appear behind for when the secret troops reveal themselves in the medbay. then My name will be Fleet CPT (name) and will alert that CIS ships have appeared and the unknown troops are bounty hunters. a little while after I will shoot rockets at the ship then advert hangar bay 1 or 2 has been destroyed and droids are flooding in while the troops are dealing with the bounty hunters and droids I will be firing missiles at the ship every once in a while. Maybe 15 or 20 minutes of fighting I will advert the missiles have destroyed our engines and we need to evacuate. after this I will change the map to kashyyk then as I said in event Idea they will fend off CIS droids (if any bounty hunter survived I will do another event about the surviving bounty hunter) I will be adverting a distress beacon and how far away a ship is from saving the troops. I will model one of the helpers for the event as count Dooku but he will not have alot of health maybe like 10000 if we have many players on and 4000 or 5000 is only a couple players I will also setup a ship for Count Dooku to leave in if troops find it then that will unlock a way for them to capture Count Dooku once count reaches low health he either A if his ship is not found retreats and leaves with his ship, or B Adverts I surrendor if his ship is found and secured.
Why should you be accepted over others: I believe as a gm I can help improve this community (not saying its a bad community) I believe I can make events that everyone will enjoy and will love to come back on the server for more. I do not have a short temper and know when I need to improvise in a event. Also as a gm I have a duty to make sure the players are having and enjoyable time. I do not think on the spot events for that type of event I know from experience is not good. I plan my event a day or two ahead of time and make sure the addons I am using do not mess up but if they do I don't panic I improvise instead. I am unsure how this servers gm system works but if there are no staff on to assist players, from the servers I have been on the Gm's 2nd job is to help out players who need it, but that is only if no staff is on to help or they are afk. I have had Gmod for a couple years now and have over 3000 hours which is sad yes but most of them are in swrp or darkrp meaning I have much experience in gmodrp.
Past Experience: I co-owned a server Called Radiated then I stepped down because I was kinda getting bored of star wars , As Co-owner I made events and just managed the server mostly. I also was a GM for A new hope, I think that is the servers name, any ways it shut down but I am kinda glad because I got kicked out of gm because I missed a meeting and I tried to tell the owner why but he wouldn't listen.
Times Active: I will be on arround 5:30 pst until I basketball starts in my school then on tuesdays and thursdays it will be 7ish.
Time on Server: On the original server I had over 3-4 days forgot , but on this server i have about 5-15min
List atleast 10 ULX commands:
!mute (makes the player unable to speak)
!jail (jails Player)
!model (models players a certain model)
!goto ( you go to a player)
!noclip or just press v (makes you fly)
!freeze ( Makes player freeze in place)
!hp (you can set health of players)
!giveammo ( you can give players ammo)
!bring (brings players to you)
!jailtp (Basically !jail but instead you tp them to you)
Are you able to do 2-3 events a week?: I am able to do at least 2 events a week, maybe three but I know I can do 2.
Do you understand the responsibility of gamemaster? Yes, I do understand the Responsibility.
Anything Else (not needed): I would just like to say that what I have been seeing on the server from playing is that the player base usually and hour or 2 after an event asks for another one which if I am on and already did an event I will not be hosting another, for from past experience if I do not have an event planned at least a day before hosting the event, it will most of the time turn out terrible, but I am not saying it will never work but I personally will not host any event before I plan it out a day before I host it.(unless it is a mini event i will just need a quick 1-2h to plan it out)

Thank you for reading and I hope to be apart of the gm team.


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Jul 20, 2018
Great application, you are trusted and enjoy helping out the server, and I love the dedication to planning events I think you would be great in the gm team.